What is provided?

In-Person or Online Appointments

I treat individuals in the state of Texas through online and in-person appointments.


Email access

The healing journey can be complicated and confusing and you WILL have questions along the way. In between appointments, you will have email access to me for non-emergent questions and support.


online resources 

You will have access to resources that will help you with meal planning and nutritional guidance as well as other wellness resources.



conditions treated

Autism // ADHD // Anxiety // Depression // Autoimmune Disorders // Leaky Gut // Chronic Infections (Yeast/Lyme/Bacterial/Viral) // Food or Environmental Allergies // Chronic Inflammation // Thyroid Disorders // Adrenal Fatigue // Mitochondrial Dysfunction // Eczema // Allergies // Malabsorption & Maldigestion