Initial consult.

initial consult

The initial consultation is 1.5 - 2 hours long and a fee of $150 per hour. During the initial consult, Sarah will go over a complete medical history from pre-natal to present day. During this visit, diet changes and initial supplement regimens will be recommended and conventional and functional lab testing will be ordered if deemed necessary. You will also receive a tremendous amount of education and support.  


Follow up.

follow up

Follow up visits generally occur 4-6 weeks after the initial visit and all labs are resulted. At this visit, we will discuss lab results and adjust supplement regimen as well as diet changes. During these follow up appointments, helpful tools are given to work towards the goal of healing. Follow up visits generally last about 1 - 1.5 hours with a fee of $150/hr. How often you see Sarah after the third follow up visit will depend on why you are being treated. Some healthy people see Sarah only once a year for physical exams and screening lab tests. Many people who have multiple complaints are seen more often based on the severity of their condition.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you accept insurance? No, I do not. I am able to provide much more thorough, personalized, and compassionate care without the time stipulations invoked by insurance plans. Read this blog post for my full reasoning.

  2. Do you provide Superbills? Yes. Upon request, at the end of your consultation, the clinic will provide you with an itemized bill with traditional ICD-10 codes and CPT codes and you may file that with your insurance company. We do not assist with insurance reimbursement above and beyond the diagnosis and test codes and the receipt given at check out. 

  3. Do you accept HSA as payment? Yes, you may use pre-tax dollars from a Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for your consultations and lab fees.

  4. Do you offer virtual appointments? Yes, I do! I provide virtual aapointments for patients in Texas who are unable or unwilling to come to my office directly. I do, however, need to examine the patient in person at least once during course of treatment. 

  5. Can you serve as a Primary Care Provider for adults and children? Currently, we do not offer primary care services {for medication management/recurring prescriptions, vaccinations, acute care visits etc.} as we are treating long term health concerns and/or developmental delays. If you have an acute illness, you will need to contact and visit your primary care provider or seek treatment at and Urgent Care/ER.

  6. Do you treat adults? Yes! I have had to opportunity to help many men and women in their healing journeys.

  7. Do you treat children with behavioral concerns, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism etc.? Yes! As a special needs parent, this is my passion. To help children thrive and feel better while supporting parents during the healing process. Countless children have made tremendous improvements in behavioral health as well as cognition/focus in school after we identify the root causes and work to support the body in healing.

  8. Where are you located? My office is located at 6600 Fish Pond Rd. Ste 202A, Waco TX 76710.