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Our Story.

It all started when…

our second child, Cade, was a little over two years old. I had just had our third child and our oldest child was five. We started noticing that Cade was having difficulties at home and he was not socializing very well at school. When we picked him up from school, they would tell us he had a “great day” but when we got home he would begin to tantrum every 3 minutes. At first, I thought we just weren’t disciplining him enough or that it was possibly the “terrible twos'“. Until I realized that anything would set him off into a tantrum.

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What is Functional Medicine?

The short answer to the question is: It is the type of medicine where we look at the body as a whole while looking for the root cause of symptoms instead of creating a diagnosis that fits all of the random symptoms together under one umbrella. It is also the type of medicine that works to heal the body and rid it of these ailments instead of throwing prescriptions on symptoms (which often create new symptoms due to the endless adverse effect profiles of prescription medications).

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