About me.

I have the privilege to practice as a board certified Physician Assistant for almost seven years now. I have worked in many different settings: inpatient hospital setting, family medicine clinic, skilled nursing facilities and in surgery. Over the years, I noticed people were getting sicker {ranging from random illnesses to very severe illnesses} at a higher frequency and at a much younger age. This bothered me because as I treated younger patients who should be healthy, they were far from it. Yet, when I ran all of the tests I knew to run at the time, they all came back normal. This left both me and the patient feeling frustrated because I had no explanations for what they were experiencing even though I believed them 100% about the things that were ailing them {joint pain, chronic fatigue, bloating, abdominal pain, weight gain despite dieting, brain fog, random/recurring fevers, poor focus, etc}.

I continued to see these patients and only had prescriptions {band-aids that covered the real root issue} to offer them. It wasn’t until my own family started on a difficult journey with our children that I found answers. We have three children and right before my youngest was born, we noticed that our middle child was beginning to have tantrums and meltdowns all the time. I attributed this to his age and the fact that we were about to have another child and assumed he just wasn’t adjusting well. It wasn’t until the tantrums lasted well beyond what they should have for his age and the new baby had been here long enough that he should have adjusted by then that we became concerned that something more was going on. At home, we were seeing that he would tantrum every 3-5 minutes, he would wake up 4 - 5 times per night {and stay awake whining for 30-45 minutes each time}, he was chronically constipated, he had very pale skin and dark circles under his eyes, he battled recurrent ear infections, he was not able to communicate his needs effectively which resulted in even more tantrums, he had to take cold baths because even the slightest bit of warm water would set off a tantrum, he had to wear sweat pants all the time because he could not handle the way denim felt.. {I could go on and on… but I think you get the picture}. We finally got a diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder and things started to make sense.

We were in survival mode. He was in OT which helped somewhat, but we still needed more improvement for his {and our} sake. So, I booked a 2 hour new patient consult with a functional medicine PA in Austin {to the tune of $700}. We began our journey with testing, diet changes and supplementation. Within 3 weeks of his diet changes, his teacher at school came up to me and said “he is a completely different kid in class… he is actually talking to other kids and participating. He is starting to smile now in class!” At home, we were seeing improvements as well. His tantrums were significantly less frequent, he only woke up 1-2 times a night and when he did wake up, he went right back to sleep. His bowels were becoming more regular. It was a miracle!! Thus began my obsession with Functional Medicine and how it applies to behavioral health for children and teens as well as chronic ailments for adults.

Since we began this journey, our family is now thriving and at a place that I never thought we would be in my darkest moments. I have had the privilege to treat numerous families and help find the root causes to behavioral and developmental delays as well as chronic ailments that adults face.

I am so humbled that God chose me to be the vessel for healing for so many and it is my passion to advocate and educate on true health and well-being.

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