Stop Existing.

Start Living.

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Functional Medicine - Medicine as it Should Be.

Simply stated, Functional Medicine looks at the root cause of illness. Instead of throwing medications on various symptoms (which often creates new symptoms), Functional Medicine asks the question “why?” is the symptom there in the first place? Our goal is to assist the body in the healing process and removing factors that are hindering the body from achieving optimal wellness.


Are you looking for answers about your health? Are you tired of being told you are “fine” when you don’t feel “fine”? Are you looking to help your loved one with special needs achieve a better quality of life?


Who might benefit from Functional Medicine?

You might benefit from Functional Medicine if:

  • You are chronically tired

  • You suffer from chronic pain or Fibromyalgia

  • You have been told you have IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • You suffer from Anxiety or Depression

  • You suffer from brain fog or poor concentration

  • You suffer from Hypothryoidism

  • You have reflux or other digestive complaints

  • You suffer from allergies or eczema

  • You have a child with difficult behaviors

  • You have a child with an Autism diagnosis

  • You have a child with ADHD and/or sensory needs

  • You have a child with a developmental delay

What do we treat?

Autism // ADHD // Anxiety // Depression // Autoimmune Disorders // Leaky Gut // Chronic Infections (Yeast/Lyme/Bacterial/Viral) // Food or Environmental Allergies Chronic Inflammation // Thyroid Disorders // Adrenal Fatigue // Mitochondrial Dysfunction // Eczema // Allergies // Malabsorption & Maldigestion



I’m Sarah.

A Physician Assistant trained in Functional Medicine. I specialize in treating adults who are searching for answers as to why they always feel tired or feel older than their actual age. I also specialize in treating children with special needs using a Biomedical approach.


I hope you are well! I just wanted to give an update on our girl. We have had the best 2-3 weeks in as long as I can remember. She’s happy, we haven’t had any crazy meltdowns and she has even totally noticed a difference!!! We even noticed that some bumps she had on the backs of her knees that I thought were warts are gone!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help and for pointing us toward what would help our girl. At first I was nervous about the initial cost and afraid it would be another dead end, but this has been the answer we so badly needed. We are so thrilled and truly feel like we have been given a miracle!

Thank you for ALL you do! You truly are a Godsend!!!!
— B.B.
You seriously have no idea how much this has helped us- whether it’s the supplements or the diet... something has worked. And it has made MY life so much less stressful!!! THANK you.
— Sarah B.